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Testdrive of Windows 7, first impressions

January 12th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, I managed to install windows 7 in vmware machine in the weekend. Actually in this case “managed” is a wrong word. Installation went smooth, without any issues and was done in (hold the chair) 15 minutes! I was really amazed. That’s like the fastest windows installation ever that I had, xcept those prebaked unattended installations.

I didn’t have to provide any drivers during installation (well, that doesn’t surprise me, since VMWare has pretty all-round standard devices for everything), and funnily enough VMWare tools for Vista just simply worked for Windows 7. (Finally a version of windows that doesn’t whine every time you install an “old” package).

Running 7 for the first time was also kinda fun. Windows itself in comparison with Vista has the number of default services reduced by, like, one third. Whole windows with all default services started up consumed about 480MB of RAM where approximately 150MB was used for caches. Not bad, not bad at all.

Of all the changes that you spot immediately I would like to highlight the following three:
1) The damn sidebar is gone. Jesus, what a relief.
2) Taskbar has been revamped. For good or for bad – dunno, really, have to yet try and use it all on my main desktop.
3) It’s FAST. I mean it. FAST. Even in VMWare, even with 1G RAM and even with IDE drive emulation.

Don’t get me wrong here. FAST. F.A.S.T. Hats off to Microsoft. I doubt much has changed on the inside of services and whatnot, but the UI is very very responsive and that what makes it really pleasant to use. Don’t mind the glitches of start button animation or whatever, it’s still a first public beta.

Other than that, it’s worth mentioning that it hasn’t crashed even once, all the programs I tried installing on it just installed, I haven’t noticed any program crashes yet either.

IExplorer 8, seems took the idea of Chrome, or Chrome the idea of IE8, but nowadays every tab of explorer spawns a separate process, so I hope if it crashes now it will just crash one tab. Surprisingly I’m yet to see that IE8 thing crash.

So far the very first impressions. I’ll probably install that thing on my main desktop one of these days.

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