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Basic rules of reasoning

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Some people say about others that they can read someone like an open book.
On the other hand they say that a picture tells more than a thousand words.
If we really think about it, open book means that you can view two pages
at the time and when the average amount of words in most books is
approximately 275 words per page, it basically means total of 550 words.
This 550 words would still be 450 words short of actually telling as much
as a picture. This means that we now have a way to calculate the conversation
rate, which is about 55%. That is only 5% more than half of the picture.
The modern cameras are so good that you can practically catch everything
into the field of vision that you can see with your eyes if you
distance yourself from the target. Since the field of vision for human
eyes and camera can be estimated to be roughly the same in many cases,
we can safely say that the people who read others like an open book see
only half the picture. This would mean that it would be entirely same
if these people would actually wear eye patches on their other eye.

Conclusion: People who claim to read other people like an open book are

(Courtesy of Darol)

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