Guests can sleep longer now

Yes. You were all complaining about the morning sun. So, here you go.


Бывают и такие.



iPad – one hell of a gadget

Bought an iPad today. 3G version. Ordered microsim too. Playing around with it for half a day now. What a…

Working late

…is just killing. Cuz then you have to actually wake up 🙂 and that is when you hate your nice…

Nice and nationally coloured

Who knows what kinda animal is this?

So, let’s blog mobile…

Now my blackberry is powered with wordpress app. Let’s see if it works as I want it to.

Another master of the instrument

Dunno his name yet, got link to this video. Nice! Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Basic rules of reasoning

Some people say about others that they can read someone like an open book. On the other hand they say…

Windows 7

I get the impression that the Windows 7 launch is a lot like seeing an old girlfriend suddenly show up…